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In a house, people have varied tastes and thus the interior designers in Mumbai for flats have to cater to all of those demands to deliver a complete package of comfort & satisfaction. There is no one formula suits all to make your residential/commercial interior design the best out there.

The taste & behavior of each individual differs from the other and while designing the interiors, opposite ends of the spectrum are kept in mind to hand over a successful project. Our best interior designer for Mumbai flats work over a wide continuum of budget ranging from economical to luxury & lavish space interiors. So whatsoever budget you keep in mind which may vary as per your required needs, we can offer you a plan for it.

Our Portfolio

We do not just accomplish interior work, we make over the complete place from top to bottom wonderfully. Our flat interior decorators in Mumbai with a clear and coordinated approach, have delivered successful projects to our valuable clients strengthening relationships.

But do not go by our words, have a look on our portfolio by for yourself. As said that pictures speak a 1000 words, our snaps speak even more than that. You will witness a mix of styles in the pictures much greater than you anticipate. We have incorporated the following styles in our completed projects:

  • Modern Style
  • Retro style
  • Contemporary Style
  • French Renaissance
  • Italian Style
  • Japanese Style
  • Japanese Style
  • Ethnic Style
  • Indo British Style
  • Waterproofing – We Build Leak Proof Interiors for You

    In view of heavy rains in Mumbai, one should never negotiate on waterproofing as a leaking roof space is thoroughly unmanageable & irritating. These days most people go for an option of false ceiling, so they might not even get to notice when leakage starts happening.

    It is important to put in time and money to keep the leakage away from your flats. We proving to be the best interior designer for Mumbai flats ensures that good amount of time is spent on providing a leak proof flat for you. There are available special techniques and materials which seal the roof & walls so well that you will not observe a single drop of water leaking from your roof.

    Thus a well finished interior from flat interior designer in Mumbai not only appeals cosmetically but also functionally strong in the places you cannot visible notice. After all, there is always more than what comes visual.


    Once you approach us with a proposal, we sit with you to know your requirements and start making a plan to let you visualize 3D home and interior design you expect in real. Our design experts are geared up to offer you with the wholesome design adding architectural features in it like doors, windows, fireplaces, wall piece making the best use of available space.

    With the growing technology of visualization, our flat interior decorators in Mumbai has the ability to provide you photo realistic 3D interior design layout within a time of one week.

  • It can help you and your family or staffs decide each design appropriate to the member’s choice.
  • The beautiful design represents space usage, paint & color, themes, flooring & decors with storage utility.
  • You can share your inputs with us to be implemented after complete analysis.
  • With huge competition in market, we are gratified towards all our clients who have partnered with us to design their interior. We also express thanks to them for their appreciation and confidence they have shown in us by referring Royal Interio to their social and professional circle as best flat interior designer in Mumbai and other areas like Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Rajasthan and Gujarat region.


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